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Financing Needs customized for your Industry

Our business financing solutions accommodate the various needs of small businesses operating in particular industries. 

Construction Financing

We understand the difficulties construction companies face when it comes to financing. Our solutions can accommodate various cash flow cycles.

Restaurant Business Financing

Cover various F&B business expenses like rental, commercial equipment and furnishings for your cafe or restaurant.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners operating wholesale often find themselves with limited funds from time to time due to varying sales cycles. 

Wholesale Business Financing

Manufacturing Business Financing

Finance procurement of manufacturing equipment, machinery and raw materials. In order to deliver large quantities of products to your clients, sufficient cash flow is needed.

Retail Business Financing

Stocking inventory for a busy season or install new technologies to improve customer experience.

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FS Bolt

1Micro-speedy financing. Suitable for startups and young businesses.
Disbursement in 24 hours.

Amount: Up to RM50,000
Tenure: 1 to 12 months

Application Process

An eligible business in need of working capital

Apply for a business financing by submitting necessary details

Our team checks  authenticity & processes
the application

Our strong well-connected
investor network bids on
the financing

Funds will be disbursed within a week to your company

Business Financing

Term financing or working capital financing 

Amount: Up to RM500,000
Tenure: Up to 12 months

Invoice Financing

Improve your cashflow, unlock cash from invoices - pledge your invoice with Funding Societies

Amount: Up to 80% of invoice amount
Tenure: Up to 120 days