Equipment Financing in Malaysia – Increase Asset, Increase Production

There are many types of equipment which you need for your business. A business which operates with equipment requires high capital. 

You may be a civil contractor, coffee cafe operator or a supplier of commercial printing machines. 

Funding Societies provides alternative option that improve the way SMEs in  Malaysia .fund their capital expenditure or asset purchases. 

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges SMEs faced when trying to get money to buy equipments. 

No Credit Track Record

Traditionally, and for many years, entrepreneurs or startups have this difficulty. You are not alone. 

Limited Equipment Financing products

If you are looking to purchase second-hand or equipments manufactured in China, you will find it difficult to get financing approved by traditional financial institutions. 

Expensive Heavy Machineries

Machinery or equipment in construction and logistic industries is so expensive. If there is mismatch of financing equipment, the liability column of your financial accounts will likely make it harder for you to get credit financing from banks.

Get people to fund your equipments

Equipments and machineries are asset of a business, and it generates revenue. It contributes to the economy. Building and growing a business is difficult, financing assets shouldn't be. 

Funding Societies offers alternative financing to SMEs in Malaysia that might not meet traditional institution requirements. 

As one of the largest P2P financing company in South East Asia, it offers competitive and speedy SME business financing option (with disbursement of funds as quick as 1 day)

Get funding for your business equipments, so it generates business revenue, roll over quick and save on your financing cost!

Disclaimer: The above information is not an offer of financing and is provided for information purposes only. The Information is not intended to be and does not constitute financial advice or any other advice. All applications are subject to underwriting guidelines and approval.

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Being at an early stage of business requires us to secure a lot of customers and adheres to their financing terms. Therefore, financing support is needed to help us maintain cash flow to manage various expenses. We thank Funding Societies Malaysia for providing us with short-term financing when we need it most to help us manage and grow our business.

Mohd Syafiq Aiman Bin Zainal

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